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Testimonials & Results

Hear from more of our clients and check out before and after results of our clients' Instagrams. When working with AI, you can expect superior results, a great customer experience and ROI. 

Kaila Oliver

"Reliable and convienient. AI was able to take my followers from 500 to 900 in a matter of 3 week. They communicate very well. They made my Instagram more classy and sheek."

Michael Moore

Michael is able to make thousands of dollars each month due to increased followers, customers and a consistent brand presence across every channel that he engages his customers. 

Paige Mitchell

Paige stays booked since we took over her social media marketing. She has a unified marketing prescence that leads to increased followers and customers. 

Blaique Pulliam

Blaique has more than doubled her followers on instagram while consistently getting orders from these followers. Her sales continue to increase since we've found her target audience on social media.