What is a Sales Funnel & Why should you have one?

Sales funnels take your customers on the journey of the buying process. Think of your business as the doctor. When you get sick what do you want more than anything? A cure for your sickness or a solution on how to feel better. Sure a good looking doctor is nice to look at, but when you're burning up with a fever none of that matters.

The same applies when a customer has a need or a pain that they need to solve. They search google for the best solution to solve their problem. Once on a website, the customer does not want to sift through a bunch of meaningless information They want to see immediate value. They want to see that this website is credible and trustworthy. They want to see social proof that this potential solution will solve the pain the website is saying it can solve.

Customers want to see testimonials, reviews, FAQ and anything else that can quickly answer their questions while proving to be a credible source. When customers reach a website, they are usually in the interest or consideration phase of the sales funnel. It is the job of the website developer to ensure the website meets the customers' needs at the point that they enter the site. The website must provide answers quickly and accurately. The website must be professionally designed. Nothing will send a potential customer fleeing a website quicker than one that looks like It belongs to an amateur or a fraud. Just think about It. Would you want to continue speaking to a doctor that didn't know what he or she was talking about?

Visit our homepage to view a sales funnel in action. Since re-designing our website this way, we have tripled our revenue and double the amount of time each website visitor stays on our website.

Whether you want to grow your business or increase your presence in your market, a good sales funnel will help you get there.

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