Top 3 Reasons People Leave Your Website

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

If your website isn't making you money, it's costing you too much!

Having a website in today's world is no longer an option. If a business wants to compete with the Amazons & Walmarts of the the world, it has to compete online. The internet allows businesses big & small to reach far more customers than any other far of advertising. Once you build traffic to your website it becomes the easiest form of marketing to convert those visitors to paying customers.

But what if people are coming to your site (traffic), but you're not seeing the sales? Do you know why they are leaving? What can you do to make them return and buy?

Here are the top 3 reasons people are leaving your site:

1. The website is confusing & hard to navigate

People will leave a website they are not able to navigate easily. Customers want to find what they are looking for quickly. More importantly, website visitors want to be told what product/service the company provides both clearly and efficiently. If links are broke, pages lack information, descriptions have typos, the customer will no longer view it as credible and won't trust it or spend money.

2. The website doesn't prove credibility

Customers want to see reviews, customer testimonials, other customers engaging in the service or wearing the product. They don't want to see the business owner all over the website. There are so many websites online, customers quickly pick up the scent of an amateur website versus the professional and trustworthy sites. In order for a customer to spend money on a site, they must trust the product/service, the buying process and the company as a whole. If one of these is lacking, the customer will move on to another site.

3. The website is not professional

Websites level the playing field between small business and large, established businesses. This only happens if the small business owners make the investment to get a professional website. A website should not look like it belongs to a business that was launched last week. The website should have a professional logo, uses professional colors, easy to read fonts, and professional language free of typos. These little things can either convince a client that the company deserves their hard earned money or that they should move on to another, more credible, website.

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