Why is my website not making me any money?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

If you have a website for your business, you are lightyears ahead of the businesses that don't. But is that website making you money? Is It converting your leads to customers? It should be.

The layout of your website is key to the sales you make.

Why aren't you making money?

There are many reasons companies with a website don't make money. Some of them include: poor layout, poor navigation, asking the visitor to buy without providing value, problems with the shopping cart, prices are too high, low website traffic, and even a plain website can send your visitors to another business. All of these mishaps prevent businesses from seeing the sales they desire.

Typical Website Layout

The traditional website layout includes an About Me Section first followed by the introduction of the product or service the company renders. Then the website asks the visitors to "Buy Now"; occasionally there is a place to contact the business in case the visitor has a question about buying. Either way there is heavy emphasis on "buying".

A Sales Funnel Layout

The sales funnels layout put the emphasis on the customer buying cycle, the way that the customer buys. The site typically begins by getting the customer to buy by building credibility (testimonial videos, customer reviews, and value statements that addresses the "need" the consumer). The layout also includes free offers such as free trials, free consultations, or free eBooks. This helps inform the visitor and helps them to trust the website. This layout is proven to grow sales, increase conversions and build relationships with long.-lasting customers.

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