Important Coronavirus Updates For Business Owners

It can be a VERY scary time for Business Owners.

Here are some tips on how to manage your business & customers during this time!

  1. Stay informed while keeping your team and customers in the loop

  2. Encourage your customers to shop online and take appointments via video

  3. Be flexible—offer coupons, reschedule bookings and provide online payment options

  4. Update your refund and cancellation policies to protect your business

Social Media Usage is up 85% due to this Crisis.

NOW IS THE TIME to Market Your Business Online!!

Now is the time to get your business active on social media, and we can help with that!

Keep your employees and your customers safe by being as proactive as possible about cleanliness.

More Tips for Business Owners During The Coronavirus Crisis:

1. Establish a remote location to be productive

2. Shift your sales strategy to online

3. Plan for the long run

4. Consider running a sale

5. Post more on social media: Meet your customers where they are

Do you need help increasing your social media presence in a way that will encourage your audience to spend money with you even in the midst of the crisis? Reach out to us. We are happy to help. All consultations are FREE!

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